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“Achieving Net Zero” is a term that has been used increasingly over recent months and will likely be even more so as we move along the climate change crisis timeline.

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly known as COP 26, outlined the measures needed to take place to combat climate change, with those countries present agreeing to a number of objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reducing coal usage
  • Stop deforestation
  • Cut methane emissions
  • Increased investment into clean technology

All sectors are sitting up and taking notice, with near enough every large organisation committing to various net-zero targets, ranging from the more ambitious 2030 to the slow and steady aim of 2050. Whether these statements are for the maintenance of brand image or a genuine dedication to the cause remains to be seen, with the proof ultimately in the pudding of how close to these targets businesses get and at what cost they are willing to strive.

In the sporting world the first net zero premier league game took place between Tottenham and Chelsea, with players arriving on green biodiesel fuelled vehicles, the matchday being powered by 100 percent renewable energy and an almost doubling of vegetarian and plant-based meals being sold at the game.

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Even the fuel-guzzling sport of Formula 1 has committed to becoming completely net-zero by 2030. You may wonder how that’s even possible considering it’s not Formula E, the electric-powered car counterpart to F1, but many of these organisations don’t necessarily cut their operating energy consumption to being fuelled by renewables only. Instead they counteract the usage via offsetting, for example funding reforestation projects so as to be on level terms.

These are all excellent improvements to implement and goals to aim for, but what impact can you actually make yourself? How do you contribute and feel like you’re making a difference or doing your part? After all, not all action and reaction to the crisis should be left to large organisations, albeit the argument often pointed out is that this is where the most impactful change can be made on a large scale. The classic rebuke of “What does it matter if I leave the bedroom light on, or the TV on standby when Times Square or Piccadilly Circus are on 24/7!”. Efforts sometimes seem useless.

The retort will always be that if everyone thought like that, then we would get nowhere. Collective behavioural change amongst the majority of a population can and will always have a massive impact and is very much needed in this fight.

The Glass and Glazing Federation have recently issued a report - “Glazing - The Route to Net Zero” which outlines to the government the level of reduction of carbon emissions that would be achieved through the upgrading of glazing products. Albeit there’s self-interest in these reports as expected, it is genuinely a win-win and for the betterment of all parties when you consider the data provided by the GGF.

The report outlines that windows installed before 2002, which is when new building regulations were enforced, have more heat loss than those installed after 2002, with the headline figure being that 57% of CO2 emissions associated with energy loss could be saved if double-glazing from before this date is updated to modern double-glazing. (If you are still on single-glazing windows a) congratulations on not freezing yet and b) this figure is as much as 71% saved if you upgrade to triple glazing).

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The report also estimates that approximately 100 million windows and 20 million doors need to be replaced over the next 5-10 years to bring these households up to standard and to reduce emissions.

If you are the owner of 1 of these many million panes of glass, then there is a much easier, much more cost-effective, immediate solution that Solartek Films can help with. With our assistance there is no need to install new double or triple glazing, with one of our films doing the trick instead.

Our product that solves this problem is a virtually clear insulation film that reflects 93% of radiant heat back in to your room. Remarkably, this is true even when applied to single glazing. The application of this film and the subsequent energy savings amount to the same as implementing the recommended Low E glass, saving money all round and helping you fall in line with the carbon reduction aims that everyone else is gearing up to.

Although the Glazing & Glass Federation report mentions housing as the main focus in its request to government, the ideology obviously can extend anywhere - offices, any commercial property, anywhere with glass that needs updating, preferably with minimal fuss and minimal cost!

Solartek have already carried out many installations of this film nationwide, with some paybacks being as fast as 3 years. When you consider this product has a 10 year warranty and a life expectancy of 15+ years, the return on investment is more than healthy and a deserved return for your original outlay to reduce your carbon footprint.

In some cases heating and cooling costs have been reduced by over 25% - who would say no to a quarter of their bills being chopped? If a new company advertised that reduction in energy costs, we would all be queueing to sign up!

For more information on our all season window films, simply complete our enquiries form here, on LinkedIn, on 08000151815 or on [email protected].

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