Fade Reduction

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Fade Reduction window film

Introducing Solartek Fade Reduction Window Films

Are you tired of witnessing your stock or belongings fade away? Do you wish to protect your valuable items from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays?

Look no further! Solartek offers the ultimate solution.

Our nationwide supply and installation service ensures that ultraviolet film is seamlessly applied to your glass, providing a host of incredible benefits:

Defying Fading: Reflecting an impressive 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, our window films effectively combat the main cause of fading. Your cherished possessions will remain vibrant and undamaged.

Saving Money: By preventing fading, our films help you save on replacement costs for faded goods. Preserve the value of your investments and maximize your returns.

Prolonging Displays: Extend the lifespan of your captivating window displays. With our fade reduction window films, you won’t have to change them as frequently, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Impact Resistance: Our films possess the remarkable ability to hold glass together upon impact. This added security feature can potentially reduce the need for expensive boarding up measures.

Can Solartek protect your stock and belongings from fading? Can we effectively reduce the damaging effects of fading? Can we shield you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun? These are the questions we encounter daily.

The answer to all these questions is a resounding “Yes!” Our fade reduction window films eliminate 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, effectively cutting out the primary cause of fading. With our solutions, we can significantly reduce the fading process.

Pie Chart - Causes of Fading

By choosing Solartek, you not only safeguard your valuable items but also enhance your profits. Say goodbye to costly window dressers who constantly change your displays. Our films offer long-lasting protection, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

For homeowners, our fade reduction UV/museum window film preserves the beauty of your carpets, furnishings, and paintings. The film is optically clear and can be effortlessly retrofitted to your existing glass, causing minimal disruption.

With a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, our fade reduction window films provide peace of mind. Experience the benefits as soon as tomorrow by having them installed on your glass.

Choose Solartek Fade Reduction Window Films and embrace a world without fading.

We supply and install ultraviolet film to glass nationwide. When installed it had the following qualities:

  • Reflects 99% of ultraviolet light (the main cause of fading)
  • Saves money lost from faded goods
  • Extends time on changing window displays
  • Holds glass together on impact (could reduce boarding up costs)

Can you stop my stock or belongings from fading?

Can you reduce fading?

Can you cut out ultraviolet rays from the sun?

These are questions Solartek are asked every day.

The answer to these questions is “Yes!”. Our fade reduction window films cut out 99% of harmful ultra violet rays and we can reduce fading.

We can increase your profits and negate the need to pay expensive window dressers to change your window so often. If you’re a home owner, we can preserve your carpets, furnishings and paintings.

Solartek fade reduction UV/museum window film is optically clear and can be retro fitted to your glass with minimum disruption.

It has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and can be on your glass tomorrow.

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