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Solar Control window film

Introducing Solar Control Window Film: Enhance Comfort, Save Energy, and Protect Your Space

Upgrade your building with our highly effective solution for heat reduction, glare control, and UV radiation protection. Our Solar Control Window Film is a thin, multi-layered film that can be applied effortlessly to the interior or exterior surface of your existing windows.

Customizable to meet your specific needs, our Solar Control Window Film offers a range of benefits for both occupants and property owners alike. By reflecting and absorbing solar radiation, this film acts as a shield, reducing heat transmission and improving the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your building. Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperatures and skyrocketing energy bills!

Glare can be a major issue in buildings with large windows, causing discomfort and hindering productivity. With our Solar Control Window Film, you can effortlessly reduce glare, creating a more pleasant and focused working environment. Enjoy a clear and unobstructed view, without compromising on natural light.

Don’t let harmful UV radiation damage your furniture, carpets, and artwork, or pose health risks to occupants. Our Solar Control Window Film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, ensuring the longevity of your valuable belongings and protecting the well-being of those inside.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Our film not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the aesthetics of your building. By minimizing glare and providing a uniform look to your windows, our Solar Control Window Film elevates the appearance of your space. Enjoy increased privacy without sacrificing natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Installation is a breeze, as our Solar Control Window Film can be easily applied to your existing windows without the need for replacement. Experience the transformative power of our innovative solution.

Discover how Solar Control Window Film can save energy, enhance comfort, and protect your space. Contact Solartek Films today for more information.

Heat Reduction

Cut home & workplace energy bills by installing the latest in energy-saving window film.


A unique, patented construction which retains up to 93% of the heat that would normally be lost through your glass.


A wide range of frosted and coloured designs to enhance your glass and meet legal visibility requirements.

Fade Reduction

Protect your assets from the effects of the sun with our range of window films.

Glare Reduction

Improve working conditions with our range of glare reduction window films.

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