Heat Reduction

Heat Reduction window film

When transmitted through your glass from the sun, heat is the main culprit for making an environment uncomfortable, be it your home or workplace.

The high running and installations costs of air conditioning can often prove prohibitive, That’s before even considering the environmental impact.

The solution is a heat reduction window film.

Heat reduction window film provides a simple, low-cost alternative to expensive and intrusive air conditioning units.

Our range of heat reduction window films all have the following characteristics:

  • They block 99% of harmful UV rays
  • They reduce fading caused by UV rays
  • They offer increased privacy, reducing opportunistic crime
  • They help to balance interior hot-spots
  • They have a scratch-resistant coating
  • They deliver energy savings for facilities managers and homeowners

When professionally installed by Solartek, all window films are offered with a 10 year manufacturer-backed warranty.

With the exception of our Optically Clear range, all of our heat reduction window films are available in dark, medium or light grades.


Designed specifically for application to plastic and/or polycarbonate, Coolshade window film is ideal for heat reduction in demanding or industrial environments.

Solartek Silver Window Film

Designed for maximum heat rejection, this is the perfect solution for commercial buildings that receive an excessive amount of solar exposure.

With a modern metallic finish, Solartek Silver Window Film blends in well with both factory tinted glass and today’s more sophisticated commercial and residential architecture.

Solartek Silver Window Film aesthetically enhances any coloured brick buildings and looks great against white or grey window frames.

Solartek Bronze Window Film

Identical in performance to Solartek Silver Window Film, but with a bronze tint. This window film aesthetically enhances bronze and brown coloured brick buildings and looks great against brown window frames.

Solartek Neutral Window Film

One of the most popular on the commercial and residential market today. Solartek Neutral Window Film has been designed to blend in well with any interior décor and not to interfere with the natural views outside the window.

When applied it is less apparent than our silver and bronze films. The finish is a soft tint rather than a mirror, yet the heat-reflective properties of our silver and bronze films are retained.

Along with our Ultra Performance Window Film, our Neutral Window Film makes up 90% of the installations that we carry out on glass conservatory roofs throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Solartek Ultra Performance Window Film

A newly-developed high-tech solar control film which offers outstanding solar and UV protection. Solartek Ultra Performance sacrifices far less incoming natural light than other films with an equivalent Solar Energy Rejection Rating.

Compare this range to our Silver, Bronze and Neutral ranges and see the difference in the amount of light transmission.

Ultra Performance 70 is ideal for High Street shops – it reduces 43% of heat and 99% of UV rays, yet offers perfect clarity for your customers to browse.

Solartek Optically Clear Heat Reduction Window Film – Ultra View Range

This is a virtually clear film that reduces energy use costs and has excellent heat gain reduction. Available as CDA adhesive product, it has low visual distortion and provides good optical clarity. It is particularly popular in retail environments. As the film is virtually clear, you will gain from the benefits of 53% heat reduction and 12% glare reduction without requiring additional artificial lighting.


A unique, patented construction which retains up to 93% of the heat that would normally be lost through your glass.


A wide range of frosted and coloured designs to enhance your glass and meet legal visibility requirements.

Solar Control

A range of heat and glare reduction window films to provide combined comfort and privacy.

Fade Reduction

Protect your assets from the effects of the sun with our range of window films.

Glare Reduction

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