Bird Strike Prevention

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Bird Strike Prevention window film

Transform Your Windows into Bird-Safe Havens with Innovative Bird Strike Prevention Window Film as provided by Solartek

Birds strike glass because reflective or transparent glass is often invisible to them. It is estimated that nearly 1 billion birds are killed by collisions in the United States alone each year.

Welcome to a new era of bird conservation with Bird Strike Prevention window films, as supplied by Solartek. Our state-of-the-art solution tackles the silent but deadly threat of window collisions that claim millions of bird lives annually.

At a time when the protection of nature is critically important, we offer a revolutionary solution that not only safeguards our avian friends but also enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your windows.

A Stark Reality

The British Trust for Ornithology reports up to 10 million bird deaths annually in the UK due to window collisions. In the USA, figures from the American Bird Conservancy and the Smithsonian Institution range between 330 million to one billion. These alarming statistics underscore the urgent need for an effective solution like Bird Strike Prevention window films.

Visibility for Birds, Clarity for Us

Birds struggle to perceive glass as a barrier, often mistaking clear windows for open spaces. Bird Strike Prevention window films address this issue by creating UV patterns visible to birds but nearly invisible to humans, effectively alerting them to the presence of glass and drastically reducing the risk of collisions.

Technological Excellence in Bird Safety

Our window films are designed with UV active components, discernible by birds but not by humans. This unique approach treats existing glass without altering its visual appeal or requiring permanent, obtrusive markings.

Customisable Solutions for Every Building
  • Simple Patterns or Markings: Bird Strike Prevention window films can incorporate minimalistic designs that alert birds without compromising the windowโ€™s transparency or building aesthetics. Patterns must cover the entire glass, with a space of only a hand between the patterns.
  • Fritted Glass Designs: Ideal for larger glass surfaces, fritted designs in our films create a subtle visual barrier for birds while maintaining the glassโ€™s clarity and light transmission qualities.
  • Gradient Films: These offer a gradient effect that gradually increases in opacity or pattern density, providing an elegant solution that balances bird safety with design needs.
  • UV/LED Markers: For cutting-edge solutions, we incorporate UV or LED markers that are highly visible to birds. These markers can be integrated into creative designs that enhance the buildingโ€™s visual appeal while ensuring avian safety.
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Beyond protecting birds, Bird Strike Prevention window films contribute to energy efficiency by reducing solar heat gain. This not only aligns with sustainability goals in architecture but also offers potential cost savings in energy expenditure.

Our Pledge for a Bird-Friendly World

The application of Bird Strike Prevention window films makes a significant impact in reducing bird collisions with glass surfaces. By adopting this innovative technology, we can better protect birds and encourage sustainable, environmentally friendly building practices.

Bird Strike Prevention window films, provided by Solartek, symbolise a commitment to both environmental responsibility and modern architectural aesthetics. By choosing Bird Strike Prevention, you participate in a critical global movement towards wildlife conservation and responsible environmental stewardship. Together, we can make a substantial difference in protecting our bird populations and fostering a safer, more harmonious relationship between our built environments and the natural world.

More Information

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Window Film Magazine - The Ascension of Bird-Safety Films

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To find out how bird strike protection window films can benefit your space and contribute to bird conservation, contact Solartek today on 08000 15 18 15.

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