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Insulate Britain have dominated the airwaves lately, with traffic announcements on the radio, at least down south, often leading off with where protests are taking place, or what roads are feeling the impact of previous events.

For those of you that have somehow not seen, heard of or been impacted by this climate change protest group (being a Londoner, I’m unfortunately all 3!), then they can be best summarised as a protest group who are targeting one very specific request to help combat climate change - insulate all homes in Britain to a zero-carbon standard within the next 8-10 years.

I haven’t done too much research into that request, which seems quite niche from first glance, and have very little empathy with their tactics which seem to be just holding up points on the M25 or other main roads. To me it targets the wrong people - largely the general public who are going about their jobs and lives, trying to make a living and surviving. To some of these people climate change isn’t as direct a threat as getting to work, school, or hospital appointments, or paying their rent and electricity bills are.

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Yes, the group are raising discussions, but it’s alienating and antagonising a larger group who you are wanting to be on your side.

Regardless of the protestors approach, climate change is a prominent part of our lives that is only going to get more important as we approach critical environmental levels and milestones.

The UK’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68% (compared to 1990 levels) by the end of the decade is ambitious and amongst the highest targets in the world, with net zero emissions being aimed for by 2050.

Inevitably everyone will have to be responsible for considering their own carbon footprint and any measure that can be conceivably employed is worth considering, an opinion that appears to be widely agreed upon as our carbon reduction films are becoming more and more popular. Making changes such as the application of an effective window film are simple, inexpensive (in fact, money saving) and an effortless way to play a part.

By having the correct carbon reduction window film installed you will actually be insulating your building, (something the protestors will be delighted to hear), reducing the need for heating during winter.

The benefits are felt all year round however, as during the sunnier summer months you’ll be keeping solar energy out of your building, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable climate to work in, with less strain on your cooling systems.

All of this leads to minimised dependence on energy and a lowering of utility bills throughout the year. After just 2 years the cost of the film may have paid itself back, and with a life expectancy of 15+ years that’s an incredible return on investment.

Of course there are a number of ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint, but the application of a carbon reduction film is something that saves massively on costs and requires no behavioural change or effort - the only work to be done is by our fitters!

If only Insulate Britain were demanding this film on every house and office, then I’d definitely be on their side…

For more information on our insulation window films, simply complete our enquiries form here, on LinkedIn, on 08000151815 or on [email protected].

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