Driverless Cars ‘Will Prove Bomb Threat’

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Driverless car technology will not only revolutionise the way we travel day to day, but also increase the need for bomb blast window film in commercial buildings, according to sources.

The Mirror elaborated on reports that ISIS scientists and technicians have been developing driverless car bombs for huge-scale terror attacks in the UK and US.

Driverless car technology has made a big splash this year, and it’s believed that models by the likes of Google will be on the streets in their thousands in the next few years in the UK.

However, Nato expert Dr Jamie Shea, who is the deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security threats, warned that these vehicles are also being developed by ISIS in their bomb factory in Raqqa.

According to the article, Dr Shea also warned that the cars could remove the need for suicide bombers, and could prove to turn the tide in the favour of the group’s dwindling numbers.

Of course, this development could change the way that terrorists operate and choose targets in countries such as the UK. With suicide bombers, many choices have been chosen for their nature of being inside to cause maximum damage in a confined space, however, this will change with the use of driverless cars.

Many more outdoor spaces would be likely to be targeted and potentially even ram raid style attacks on commercial buildings. Ensuring buildings are fitted with the best bombproof armorcoat window film will therefore become more important than ever.

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