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Introducing Spylock 50: The Ultimate EMI Shielding Solution

Solartek are excited to share some important developments in the world of EMI shielding. Following the success of Spylock 35, we are delighted to introduce the latest advancement in electromagnetic interference protection—Spylock 50.

Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and the growing need for EMI shielding films in our modern world.

The Remarkable Spylock 50

What’s New?

Spylock 50 is the latest addition to our EMI shielding product line, and it brings with it some impressive features that set it apart from the competition.

Enhanced Attenuation

One of the key features of Spylock 50 is its superior attenuation. This film offers higher attenuation compared to Spylock 35, ensuring even stronger protection against electromagnetic interference.

Complete Barrier

Spylock 50 is designed to provide a complete barrier when installed with conductive gaskets or silicone. This guarantees comprehensive protection against unwanted electromagnetic disturbances.

Outstanding Transparency

Despite its impressive EMI shielding capabilities, Spylock 50 maintains optical transparency, with over 60% VLT (Visible Light Transmission). This means you can enjoy clear visibility while staying protected from electromagnetic interference.

High Shielding Effectiveness

Spylock 50 offers an exceptional Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of over 45 dB within a frequency range from 100 MHz up to 26 GHz. This ensures effective interference mitigation across a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies.

2023 Pricing: A Welcome Surprise

In these challenging times, where many companies are increasing prices due to the pandemic crisis, Solartek have a pleasant surprise for you. We are proud to announce a 5% price reduction on our premium Spylock films. This price reduction allows you to experience the incredible EMI shielding benefits of Spylock 50 at an even more affordable cost.

The Need for EMI Shielding Film

Recent events and articles emphasise the critical importance of EMI shielding films in our modern world. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of incidents that highlight the significance of EMI protection.

1. 5G Rollout Near Airports

In the United States, several airlines recently cancelled flights due to concerns that the rollout of 5G technology near airports could interfere with onboard equipment. This concern was well-founded, as radiation experts pointed out the potential risks. EMI shielding films like Spylock 50 can play a crucial role in preventing such interference and ensuring the safety of critical systems.

2. Havana Syndrome

Doctors, scientists, intelligence agents, and government officials have been grappling with the mystery of “Havana syndrome.” This mysterious illness has affected American diplomats and spies, leading to speculations of acts of war or covert surveillance. EMI shielding films are essential in safeguarding sensitive information and protecting individuals from potential surveillance and interference.

The introduction of Spylock 50 represents a significant advancement in EMI shielding technology, offering enhanced protection and affordability. The recent events we’ve highlighted underscore the growing need for EMI shielding in our interconnected world. Stay tuned for more updates on EMI shielding solutions and ensure you’re protected from electromagnetic interference with Spylock 50!

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