The Rise of the Home Office

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Step aside garden gnomes. Keep your koi carp ponds. We’re not interested in crazy paving, decking, sheds or barbecues.

No, there is only one garden addition that we’re after, only one that reigns supreme in this unprecedented time of people working from home.

There is only the garden office.

Home Office with Solar Film

Sorry if that’s a little bit anticlimactic. You probably do want a barbecue, a koi pond and some decking more than you do an office. But that isn’t to detract from how many people are choosing to put these structures up in their gardens, detaching their working life from their home life.

It’s far too easy to spend your day working from the dining room table or the kitchen counter, or even a room in the house that has been designated as an office or a studio, then continuing to check the laptop or the email inbox after hours, just because it’s there. Studies have shown that working during hours that you shouldn’t or outside of your usual schedule can actually harm motivation, as well as disrupt your sleep pattern and affect your overall health.

Even if you have the fortune to have a separate, dedicated room as an office, demarking the, and drawing, the line between work life and your home life can be hard to do.

The option of a garden office is an excellent way to really make a mental and physical distinction between your work life and your home life, as now more than ever they are blending into one, an option which many have taken up.

If you have installed one of these builds, then why not go the whole hog and make them energy efficient and increase their sustainability, by applying our solar film to the glazing.

Whether you want privacy from the neighbours, (or even your own family!), our solar film blocks those looking in, whilst still allowing you to see out. This could be great if you want to leave all your work equipment, whether it’s laptops or monitors, in your garden office without letting outsiders see what you’ve got in store.

Not only does the solar film maintain privacy, but it makes the working environment so much more comfortable. In summer, 80% of heat is reflected. This not only makes it a nicer place to work, but it also will dramatically reduce energy bills, lessening the need for air expensive air conditioning units. In winter, it retains heat too, having the same effect in reduction of reliance on heating equipment or systems. If that’s not enough benefits for you, glare is reduced leaving you able to view screens nice and easily, reducing the need to strain to see surfaces and the impact on your vision, and UV is reduced by 99.9%, something which is the main cause of fading of items.

In addition, the film can heighten the security of your home office, by holding glass together when it’s impacted. This means that whether it’s an innocent game of football or cricket in the garden and balls going astray, or even something a bit more sinister with individuals trying to break into the building, our solar film will help keep the glass together.

Importantly, there is no need to replace your current glass in your home office - or anywhere in your home if you’re reading this and thinking “I could do with this film on the rest of my house!” (You would be correct to think this. You could do.) This film can be applied to existing glass, making it an affordable improvement to your home office, that will actually save you money in the long (or pretty short!) term.

If you’re interested in learning more about this film or would like a quote, then please get in touch either here on LinkedIn, by contacting [email protected] or by calling 08000 151815- we’d be happy to help.

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