Broxbourne School

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The Challenge

Broxbourne School, nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside, prided itself on providing a safe and modern learning environment for its students. However, a hidden danger lurked within the seemingly innocuous glass walls. In 1999, the school had proactively upgraded its glazing with safety film. But time, the elements, and changing regulations had taken their toll. The Facilities Manager, ever vigilant about student safety, recognized the potential hazard and called upon Solartek for a thorough assessment.

The Solution

Solartek’s team of window film experts conducted a comprehensive survey under the Workplace [Health, Safety & Welfare] Regulation 14. Every pane of glass across the school’s vast 200+ square meters of glazing was meticulously inspected and tested. The verdict was unsettling: the original safety film, installed years ago, had deteriorated significantly. It no longer met the required safety standards, leaving students, staff, and visitors vulnerable to the risk of accidents from shattered glass.

Recognizing the urgency, Solartek proposed a swift and efficient solution. Over the Easter break, when the school was unoccupied, their skilled technicians set to work. The outdated film was carefully removed, ensuring minimal disruption to the learning environment upon the students’ return. In its place, they applied a robust 100-micron safety film, exceeding the necessary safety standards. Each upgraded pane was adorned with the EN12600 kite mark sticker, a visible testament to Broxbourne School’s commitment to safety.

The Results

The impact of Solartek’s intervention went beyond mere numbers. By replacing the failing film, Broxbourne School effectively eliminated the risk of glass-related injuries, creating a safer environment for everyone. The peace of mind this brought to the Facilities Manager, staff, and parents was immeasurable.

Beyond the Numbers

The Broxbourne School case study exemplifies the importance of proactive maintenance and vigilance when it comes to safety. It highlights how seemingly insignificant elements like window film can play a crucial role in safeguarding against unforeseen dangers. Moreover, the project underscores the value of partnering with qualified professionals like Solartek, whose expertise and swift action can avert potential disasters.

Beyond Broxbourne

The success of the Broxbourne School project resonated beyond the school walls. It served as a valuable reminder for other educational institutions and commercial establishments to regularly assess their glazing systems and ensure compliance with safety regulations. The case study, shared within industry circles, contributed to a wider awareness of the importance of window film safety upgrades, potentially influencing countless other organizations to prioritize the well-being of their occupants.

By investing in safety window film upgrades, Broxbourne School ensured not just legal compliance but also a tangible enhancement to the well-being of its community. Through their proactive approach and partnership with Solartek, they set a commendable example for others to follow, creating a ripple effect of safety consciousness that extends far beyond the school grounds.

Broxbourne School

At A Glance

  • Location: Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
  • Contract Value: £4800
  • Duration: 2 weeks

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