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The Challenge

EasyJet, a leading European low-cost carrier, recognized the need to enhance the security of their headquarters at Luton Airport. With a large number of employees and sensitive operations, the company sought a solution to mitigate the risks associated with potential explosions, specifically the threat of flying glass causing injury and damage.

The Solution

Solartek, a specialist in window film applications, was chosen to address this challenge. They proposed the installation of Armourgard 175 Micron Blast Mitigation Film on all glazing at the EasyJet HQ. This film is specifically designed to:

  • Hold shattered glass fragments in place: The film’s strong adhesive and multiple layers act as a barrier, preventing glass shards from flying inwards and causing harm to occupants.

  • Absorb and dissipate blast energy: The film’s unique construction helps to absorb the shockwave from an explosion, reducing its impact on the building and its occupants.

  • Maintain visibility: The film is optically clear, ensuring minimal disruption to natural light and outward visibility.

The Results

The installation of the Armourgard film was completed efficiently within a 5-night timeframe, minimizing disruption to EasyJet’s operations. The project delivered immediate benefits:

  • Enhanced safety and security: The film provides a crucial layer of protection for EasyJet’s employees and visitors, offering peace of mind and reducing the risk of injuries in the event of an explosion.
  • Improved building resilience: The film helps to safeguard the building itself from damage caused by flying glass and blast waves, minimizing downtime and repair costs.
  • Long-term value: With a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a life expectancy of over 15 years, the Armourgard film offers a cost-effective and durable solution for blast mitigation.

Beyond the Numbers

The installation of blast protection window film goes beyond mere statistics. It reflects EasyJet’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees and demonstrates a proactive approach to risk management. This investment in security not only protects lives and property but also fosters a sense of security and confidence within the organization.

Additional Considerations

  • Film selection: The choice of Armourgard 175 Micron film was based on a thorough assessment of EasyJet’s specific needs and the level of blast protection required. Different film thicknesses and levels of protection are available depending on the risk assessment.
  • Installation expertise: The successful application of blast protection film requires trained and experienced professionals. Solartek’s expertise in this area ensured a seamless and effective installation process.
  • Building integration: The film can be seamlessly integrated into the existing building design without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

The installation of Armourgard blast protection window film at EasyJet HQ is a prime example of how proactive security measures can make a significant difference. By prioritizing the safety and well-being of its employees and visitors, EasyJet has set a positive example for other organizations to follow.


At A Glance

  • Location: Luton Airport, UK
  • Duration: 5 nights

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