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The Challenge

The Haberdashers Askes Foundation, a prestigious school in Bromley, faced a multifaceted challenge with its windows. Sun glare and excessive heat were disrupting classrooms, impacting student and staff comfort and productivity. Privacy concerns arose due to the school’s proximity to neighboring buildings. Additionally, the need for energy efficiency and winter heat retention demanded a solution that addressed both summer and winter extremes.

The Solution

Solartek Films Ltd., a leading provider of window film solutions, was chosen to tackle this complex challenge. Recognizing the school’s unique needs, they proposed their Silver High Solar Control Film. This innovative film offered a comprehensive solution:

  • Daytime Privacy: The film’s reflective properties provided a one-way mirror effect, obscuring the interior from outside while maintaining clear visibility outwards. This ensured student privacy during lessons without compromising natural light.
  • Heat Reduction in Summer: The film significantly reduced solar heat gain, lowering the indoor temperature by up to 8°C. This created a more comfortable learning environment, improving student focus and engagement.
  • Heat Retention in Winter: The film’s insulating properties helped retain heat during colder months, reducing energy consumption and saving on heating costs.
  • Glare Reduction: The film filtered out harsh sunlight, minimizing glare on screens and whiteboards. This improved visual comfort and reduced eye strain for students and staff.
  • UV Reduction: The film protected against harmful UV rays, safeguarding students and furniture from sun damage.

The Results

Over a two-year period, Solartek Films Ltd. meticulously installed the Silver High Solar Control Film to the majority of windows at the Haberdashers Askes Foundation. The results were transformative:

  • Improved Learning Environment: The film significantly reduced classroom temperatures, creating a more comfortable and productive learning space. Students reported increased focus and engagement, while staff found the improved environment more conducive to teaching.
  • Enhanced Privacy: The one-way mirror effect provided the desired level of privacy without sacrificing natural light. This addressed concerns and improved student comfort.
  • Energy Savings: The film’s heat reduction and insulation properties led to significant energy cost savings, contributing to the school’s sustainability goals.
  • Positive Impact on Wellbeing: The improved comfort and reduced glare contributed to a more positive learning environment for both students and staff.

Beyond the Numbers:

The impact of the window film installation extended beyond quantifiable results. The improved learning environment fostered a more positive and productive atmosphere at the Haberdashers Askes Foundation. Students and staff alike appreciated the increased comfort and enhanced privacy, leading to a more engaged and focused learning community. Additionally, the energy savings achieved through the film’s efficiency contributed to the school’s environmental responsibility.

The Haberdashers Askes Foundation case study demonstrates the transformative power of solar control window film. By addressing a multitude of challenges with a single solution, the film created a more comfortable, productive, and sustainable learning environment for the school community. This case serves as a testament to the innovative solutions offered by window film technology and its potential to positively impact educational institutions and beyond.

Haberdashers Askes Foundation

At A Glance

  • Location: Bromley
  • Contract Value: £50,000
  • Completion Date: 30th January 2022

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