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A Tale of Two Sides: Challenge and Opportunity

Imagine the iconic Harrods department store in London’s Knightsbridge, a dazzling testament to luxury and sophistication. But on the building’s rear side, behind the bustling shopping floors, a less glamorous reality emerged. Clear glass windows exposed shelving bathed in bright light, creating an unsightly view for neighboring residents and disrupting their nighttime peace. This was the challenge Harrods faced, and it threatened to mar the harmonious relationship with the surrounding community.

Seeking Discreet Solutions: Collaboration and Innovation

Harrods, ever dedicated to excellence, sought a solution that would address the concerns without compromising the building’s aesthetic. Enter Solartek Films Ltd., a company renowned for its expertise in window film applications. Recognizing the unique constraints of the project – limited access due to the shelving and the need for minimal disruption – Solartek knew a conventional approach wouldn’t suffice.

Permission Secured: Paving the Way for Progress

Through proactive negotiation and close collaboration with Westminster Council, Solartek secured special permits for three consecutive Sunday mornings. This opened the door for a unique solution: utilizing a boom lift with a skilled driver to gain safe and efficient access to the external surface of the glass.

Transforming the View: A Masterstroke of Discreet Elegance

With meticulous care, Solartek’s team applied blackout vinyl to the windows, effectively camouflaging the unsightly shelving and significantly reducing light transmission. To ensure a seamless finish, the edges were sealed with mastic, leaving no room for imperfections. The result? A stunning metamorphosis! The once bothersome glare vanished, replaced by a sleek, uniform surface that complemented the building’s elegant facade.

Beyond the Numbers: Harmony Regained and a Legacy Forged

The benefits of this transformation extended far beyond aesthetics. Complaints from the neighbors ceased, replaced by a renewed sense of harmony and appreciation for the iconic store. Harrods, true to its commitment to social responsibility, had successfully demonstrated its respect for the community it serves.

Beyond the Case Study: A Spotlight on Sustainable Innovation

This project also shines a light on the innovative capabilities of window film technology. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, solutions like the one implemented at Harrods offer a compelling alternative to costly window replacements. By extending the lifespan of existing windows and reducing energy consumption through improved light control, window film contributes to a greener future.

A Legacy of Collaboration and Ingenuity

The Harrods case study stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and ingenuity. In the face of a seemingly insurmountable challenge, Solartek, Westminster Council, and Harrods united forces to craft a solution that not only solved an immediate problem but also strengthened community ties and paved the way for a more sustainable future. It is a story that goes beyond the numbers, revealing the true potential of window film technology to enhance and transform the spaces we inhabit.


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  • Location: Knightsbridge
  • Contract Value: £3500
  • Duration: 3 separate Sundays

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