Natural History Museum at Tring

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The Challenge

The Natural History Museum at Tring faced a conundrum. Their beloved display cabinets, showcasing precious specimens and artifacts, were outfitted with glass that no longer met current safety regulations. Implemented in 1996, these regulations mandated specific safety standards for all existing glazing, posing a challenge for the museum. Replacing the glass entirely would be a costly and disruptive endeavor, potentially requiring the removal and relocation of irreplaceable exhibits.

The Solution

Enter Solartek, a company specializing in innovative window film solutions. Recognizing the museum’s predicament, Solartek proposed applying their Solartek 100 Micron Clear Safety Film to the inner face of each cabinet. This ingenious solution offered several advantages:

  • Compliance: The film met all the necessary safety regulations, ensuring the protection of both staff and visitors from potential glass breakage.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to replacing the glass, applying the film was a significantly more affordable option, saving the museum valuable resources.
  • Minimal disruption: Installation of the film could be done without disturbing the exhibits, minimizing inconvenience and ensuring a smooth process.
  • Transparency: The clear film maintained the pristine viewing experience, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the museum’s treasures without any visual distortion.

The Results

The application of Solartek’s safety film proved to be a resounding success. The museum achieved compliance with the safety regulations, safeguarding both staff and visitors, all while preserving the integrity of their exhibits and minimizing disruption. This case study highlights the power of innovative solutions like window film in addressing complex challenges faced by cultural institutions.

Beyond the Numbers

The impact of this project extends beyond mere numbers and regulations. Upgrading the display cabinets with safety film allowed the Natural History Museum to:

  • Enhance visitor safety: The museum can now rest assured that its visitors are protected from potential harm in case of accidental glass breakage. This fosters a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Preserve valuable exhibits: By avoiding the need to replace the glass, the museum safeguarded its precious collections from potential damage during the removal and reinstallation process.
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship: The museum’s proactive approach to safety regulations showcases its commitment to responsible management and care for its valuable assets.

The Natural History Museum’s case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness and versatility of window film solutions. By embracing innovative approaches, cultural institutions can not only ensure compliance with safety regulations but also protect their treasures, enhance the visitor experience, and demonstrate responsible stewardship.

Natural History Museum at Tring

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