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The Challenge

Living in a sun-trap. For Mrs. SJ Fox, her Essex home was anything but a haven during the summer months. Sunbask-turned-sauna, the house became uncomfortably hot, impacting daily life and energy bills. The glare was harsh, furniture faded, and the air hung heavy. Traditional solutions like blinds and curtains sacrificed precious natural light, leaving Mrs. Fox yearning for a way to reclaim her home’s comfort without compromising brightness.AA

The Solution

Enter Solartek Films Ltd. Recognizing Mrs. Fox’s desire for both comfort and light, they proposed the Silver Low Heat Reduction Film – a cutting-edge window film designed to combat summer heat woes. This innovative film acts as a microscopic shield, cleverly reflecting over 50% of the sun’s heat radiation while allowing 73% of visible light to pass through. The result? A home bathed in natural light, but one that stays remarkably cool – a true testament to the power of technology.


The transformation was immediate and dramatic. Gone were the days of sweltering afternoons and sleepless nights. Mrs. Fox could finally enjoy the summer sun streaming through her windows, without the stifling heat that had once plagued her. The difference wasn’t just in temperature; the harsh glare softened, creating a more inviting atmosphere. This wasn’t just a cool house; it was a comfortable, livable home once again.

Beyond the Numbers

The benefits extended far beyond the £300 investment and one-day installation. Mrs. Fox’s energy bills saw a welcome dip thanks to reduced reliance on air conditioning. Her furniture and artwork, previously vulnerable to harmful UV rays, were now protected by the film’s invisible shield. More importantly, she gained peace of mind and the ability to truly enjoy her home throughout the year.

The Solartek Films solution provided Mrs. Fox with more than just heat reduction; it delivered a renewed sense of control and comfort. Her sunny home, once a source of discomfort, became a haven of light and tranquility – a testament to the power of innovative technology and expert guidance in transforming living spaces.

At A Glance

  • Location: Essex
  • Contract Value: £300
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Completion Date: 21st June 2021

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